Built on trust

As a company, our core values are quality and trust. We are also privately owned, allowing us to choose where and what we build, meaning our developments are all carefully considered and thoughtfully designed. We focus on producing the best quality homes we can and - unlike many developers, we shy away from cutting corners to increase profits. We believe this approach results in a superior property and encourages a more respectful and trusting relationship between buyer and developer. We have built a reputation for quality and work hard to maintain the highest standard of build and service at all times.

Palady history

Having previously worked together at a large national house builder, owners Alex Pearce and Adrian Doyle founded Palady Homes in 2003. Since then, they have built an enviable reputation for creating high quality homes in the Newbury area. Privately owned and run, Palady focus on creating small, individually designed developments rather than high volume schemes that use standard house types.

Our awards

With our focus on unique locations and high construction standards, we are proud to have been recognised with a number of industry awards and strive to maintain the highest levels of design, craftsmanship and Customer Service that these represent.

What makes Palady different?

In a word: service. With a unique ‘hands-on’ approach, we take care to ensure Palady Homes customers enjoy a personal and informed buying experience from the first viewing to after sales care, giving purchasers confidence that when they choose a Palady home, they are getting much more than just a new property.